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Antwerp stands proudly in the north of Belgium, crowded along the right bank on the River Scheldt, a short distance from the North Sea. It was once the great commercial hub of northern Europe and in the sixteenth century it was home to a population that remarkably numbered 200,000 people. Today it is a modern port, full of energy, culture and continental spark.

Long before the arrival of the first modern skyscrapers, the Cathedral of Our Lady, an ancient Gothic structure that towers over the town centre, was considered one of the world’s tallest buildings. The cathedral, which took hundreds of years to construct, remains Antwerp’s main cultural draw but it is surrounded by modern life and a fashionable clutter of restaurants, clubs and shops.

Antwerp celebrates a well-regarded beer festival in late June where drinkers can enjoy the taste of the finest Flemish malts, hops and barley. A bigger attraction for Belgians is the Sinksenfoor annual funfair – a mixture of fairground rides, market stalls and neon lights that burn into the night sky. For those of you who don’t relish the prospect of a night time rollercoaster, then there is always the prospect of some Belgian waffles to tempt you.


Fact File:

  Culinary specialities Belgium is famous for its mussels, its waffles and its French fries. All of which should be easy to locate in Antwerp.
  Nearest P&O portRotterdam
  Famous PeoplePieter Paul Rubens, a painter, is the most famous Antwerpian of all time.
  Historical factAntwerp has a long and magnificent tradition as a diamond city. Since the 15th Century the city has played an important role in the diamond trade and industry.
  Average temperaturesWinter 6C / Summer 16C