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Basque Country

Sami Keinšnen Basque Country



The Basque Country is the home of the Basques, a small nation of independently minded people who are fiercely proud of their culture and heritage.

Located in northern Spain - but also crossing over into France - it is one of those regions that few of us in Britain have yet discovered. It is a land of immense mountains, wild rivers and golden sandy beaches, and also home to some of Spainís most cosmopolitan cities.

The Basques have many of their own unique traditions, they follow their own sports, enjoy their own cuisine and even speak their own distinctive language, called Basque or Euskara, yet they are also modern Europeans who are just as comfortable watching football, eating tapas (except they call them Ďpinchosí) and speaking Spanish.

The main cities to visit are Bilbao, home of the internationally renowned Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art, or the Beautiful coastal capital San Sebastian. Those of you with a taste for the great outdoors will find everything from world class sailing, surfing and canoeing to mountaineering, hiking and cross-country biking.

But principally the Basques are famous for their truly excellent local cuisine, a mixture of Spanish and French exquisitely blended with their own unique style to produce some of the best dishes in Europe, this really is the greatest place in Spain for proper foodies.


Fact File:

  Culinary specialities Pincho and cider
  Language Castilian Spanish, Basque
  Nearest P&O port Calais
  Local saying "Before God was God and boulders were boulders, Basques were already Basques"
  Famous PeopleXabi Alonso - footballer
  FactBasques are possibly descended from the oldest human inhabitants of Europe.
  Average temperaturesWinter 12C / Summer 22C