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P&O Ferries Party guide to Holland this summer

Unlimited Festival

Summer means party season in Holland. Book your passage from Hull to Rotterdam with P&O Ferries for a fun in the sun trip this summer.

This year’s Unlimited Festival starts July 18 and runs for 6 days. Taking its cues from King’s Day (formerly Queen’s Day) this is an opportunity to let loose in the streets and party from dusk till dawn in your wildest outfit. Unlimited Festival is a new tradition, only 2 years old, it is the result of combining the Summer Carnival parade with the the Dunya festival. This event takes place in Rotterdam, so you can get in to the swing of things straight off the boat, you just have to make it to the inner city to join the fun. The established traditions of this event include an election of the Summer Queen, votes are being cast on social media but you can make it there for the coronation on July 18th by clicking here .

This event is a showcase for international talent in the music and arts industry you’ll find everything from poetry slams and pop up theatre to live orchestras. One of the main events of the Unlimited Festival is the the Battle of the Drums. What was perhaps a way to ignite a party atmosphere has become a major part of the festival. Three steel drum bands begin a march from different points of Rotterdam and gather up a following as they dance their way to the Hofplein podium in the city centre. There the bands put on a show like no other but only one is elected the victor winning a coveted gold drum. If you’re planning to attend Unlimited Festival it’s this event that will truly get you caught up in the atmosphere.
The mission statement of this event is to celebrate cultural diversity; an atmosphere of collectivism is fostered that recognises the importance of each of us as individuals at the same time.

Make your bookings now the ferries making the crossing to Rotterdam for this festival are sure to be lively indeed and accommodation fills up fast! For more information on Rotterdam’s Unlimited Festival click here.

Gay Pride

The first weekend of August is dedicated to Gay Pride. Whether you’re a hanger on from Rotterdam’s Unlimited Festival or a pilgrim of the gay community; Amsterdam will be the beating heart of Europe early this August. Amsterdam is one of the most pioneering cities for tolerant and open-minded attitudes to the gay community. This weekend is a celebration of all that has been accomplished by the community and its strident steps forward in a sometimes less than embracing world.

Everyone is invited to the party, there will be exhibitions and movies as well as workshops and live performances. Above all it is a party; you can join the Canal parade along with an expected 500,000 other spectators to cheer the passing long boats at one of the biggest Gay Pride events of the year.

What’s summer without a good beach party? If you’re going to Holland this year then Bloemendaal’s beach parties are well worth the trip. Bloemendaal is on the coast near Amsterdam and you can get night buses for a woozy return to the capital after a hard night’s rave.

These beach parties began in late May and run each weekend with a different theme all the way through to mid September. For a list of all the different parties click here Take special note some of the themed parties will have strict dress codes and door policies.

The North Sea isn’t what you would normally think of for a beach holiday but the coastline of Holland makes for a fantastic getaway. If you’re staying in Amsterdam the coast is just a short drive away you’ll see the dunes that protect the flat mainland from flooding before the sea comes in to sight and then all you have to do is set up base camp before enjoying your day at the beach.

The coast of the Netherlands is divided in to three parts, Noord-Holland the more inhabited area where you’ll find the parties, bars, clubs and generally more vivacious atmosphere. It should be noted though that there’s also a quieter side of flower fields and picaresque Dutch villages.


Zeeland has to offer a more classical beach experience scenic views, and fantastic sunsets. It’s location has been used historically as a military position so you can explore some of the medieval forts. It’s also a good spot for kiting, surfing and wind surfing.

Finally the Wadden Islands are comprised of more natural beaches. This is an area of great importance to the wider ecosystem as the tide goes out a layer of fertile silt is left across the mudflats attracting wildlife from afar to come feast. You can cross the mudlfats on foot and take a close look at the abundance the sea has to offer. Take a hiking guide with you for added safety and they’ll be able to tell you in depth what it is that makes the Wadden Islands so important.

P&O Ferries offer a pet service if you can’t bear to be parted from your dog or cat. A beach holiday will be made all the more satisfying if you don’t have those nagging doubts about your prized pooch in a kennel back in the UK.

For £17 per trip you can bring your cat, dog or ferret with you on board the ferry. It will have to be in the kennel area for the voyage though you can go with staff to check on your pet, they are looked in on every 2 hours. Certain provisos must also be adhered to such as a pet passport and vaccinations – for more details click here .

Book now for P&O Ferries Hull to Rotterdam service and spend your summer at the beaches of Holland!

Image Credit: FaceMePLS , Jonny Green

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