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Hull To Holland with P&O Ferries


Spring is here at last! P&O Ferries have some great deals of you to take advantage of if you want to mix things up a bit and get out there for something exciting this Easter. In this post we’re bringing you the latest offers for P&O Ferries trips to Holland in 2016. Everything you need to know about the Hull to Rotterdam crossing is right here, so let’s get to it.

P&O Ferries’ Hull to Rotterdam crossing is an overnight service, that will get you to your destination in style. The company currently holds the 2016 Globe Travel Awards for ‘Best Ferry Company’ and ‘Favourite Ferry Company’. This isn’t the first time P&O Ferries has taken such prestigious accolades, they have also claimed the title for ‘Best English Ferry Operator’ for the past 8 years. So have no doubt that you’ll be in safe hands.

Since the channel crossing is so well-esteemed it might suit you to book a mini-cruise. P&O Ferries have a brilliant deal on for overnight travel if you’d like to do something different for a weekend getaway or spontaneous escape. The Mini Cruise deal allows you to sail overnight on the Hull to Rotterdam crossing, returning the next day on the same ferry, or you can stay on in Holland for an extra day.

This offer is an excellent choice for couples since P&O Ferries currently offer a £79 two for one deal – both people travel but only one pays £79. This deal also holds for the Hull to Zeebrugge ferry if a taste of Belgian chocolate is what you fancy come Easter.


P&O Ferries likes to keep its travelers well entertained for their crossing have no fear that your overnight trip will be spent abed or gazing at the sea, though you are welcome to of course.

Each Ferry is well equipped to keep you, and the kids entertained. You have a choice venue for eating, either a full meal fine dining at The Brasserie which offers table service and fresh courses prepared on board. You can book ahead for a table with an open view of the sea to help you wash down a vintage from the specially selected wine list.

The alternative dining area on board is called The Kitchen this is the less formal option, a simple all you can eat buffet, you also get a discount for booking in advance. To take a look at The Kitchen’s menu click here. On board you’ll also be able to find a Starbucks as well as bars to nourish you during your voyage.

Let Us Entertain You

It would be a terrible way to start off your holiday by trapping bored children on a ferry, have no fear P&O Ferries have got you covered. The ferry has an on board play area, if your kids are at that tumbling stage then they’ll be able to tire themselves out, for summer vacationers an on board Junior Crew Kids Club for 5-11, complete with crew mascot Pirate Pete. Children a bit apprehensive about the Ferry will barely notice they’re at sea with live shows such as The Little Mermaid and Treasure Island to distract them. There’s also craft sessions, puzzles and games as well as colouring in kits for all the kids – and adults as well if you want them. The Video Arcade is an excellent distraction to get older kids out from under your feet, or there are two cinema screens with a range of the latest films, that should have something everyone.

Pic 3

For adult groups, as we mentioned, there are informal bars for you to languish in and make plans for the trip ahead, the on board pianist performs nightly to help you truly chill whilst at sea. If you feel lucky then the casino can certainly be a profitable use of your time. Finally there’s the Show Lounge to make your trip a bit more eventful, you can treat yourself to live music and cabaret, the lounge opens in to a disco if you fancy making a night of it. All the on board bars stock non-alcoholic alternatives so any designated drivers for the next day won’t be put out.

Travel Details

Backpacker, hikers and general sojourners be warned all passengers need to have checked in 90 minutes before departure, that rule isn’t only for people bringing their cars. If you are bringing a pet with you then you are disqualified from Priority Boarding though you will be able to go straight through after filling in a pet manifest. Other than that boarding is pretty simple, of course you will need your passport and be willing to undergo a security check.

From Car to Cabin is a really easy and pain free process, just bring your booking reference with you to receive your cabin key and a hanger to put on your wing mirror, this will designate which lane you are to park your car in. From this space you’ll be directed towards the passenger area and your cabin.

The Spring to Summer months are holiday makers favourite times to visit Holland. The flowers are blooming for the Tulip Festivaland Keukenhoff’s greenhouses are open for you to marvel at. Amsterdam will burst in to a sea of orange for 2016’s King’s Day Festival if you want to join one of the largest street parties in Europe. This year also marks the 500th year anniversary of Jheronimus Bosch, the largest collection of works is now on display at Noordbrabants Museum.

Book now for your P&O Ferry Holiday to Holland in 2016, Cast off is at 1900 hours so don’t be late!

Image Credit: Nick Ares , Jeremy Keith , Wolfgang Staudt

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