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France 2016 this Summer with P&O Ferries

This promises to be one of the most hectic summers yet for tourists to France and all for the love of the beautiful game. France is playing host to this years UEFA European Championship June 10th to July 10th 24 countries a battling it out to be crowned champs. So you know what that means, a very heavy footfall, so if you wish to make the channel crossing from Dover to Calais make sure you are well booked in advance, this goes for accommodation too!

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If your heart beats for England, most of the group matches for the Lions are between June 11th to 20th even if you can’t get tickets to the match, there are plenty of public screenings for you to attend to support our boys. The P&O Ferries are sure to be lively no matter the outcome, after the group stages are over, all bets are off but we’re sure there will be plenty for England to two in the latter stages of the competition.

If you live and breathe sport then why not combine your trip to the Euro’s with the set of of the Tour de France? On the 2nd and 3rd of July you’ll be in a prime location at the north of France to see the world’s greatest bike race set off. Making this trek will give you some great views of the French countryside. From Cherbourg and Utah beach to Mont St Michel, you’ll get to see some of the great vistas of northern France. It’s a three week bike race so make sure catch a bit of it if you happen to be in France this July.

It will be difficult indeed to avoid the furore that Euro 2016 and the Tour de France brings to France, but by no means is it impossible. With the weather now bearing down us it’s the perfect time to take a country holiday. The northern coast boasts remarkable cycling routes as well as numerous places to camp. If the rustic style isn’t your wont then have no fear the smaller towns make the lion share of their trade at this time of year so you’ll be in good company as you take easy in the north of France.


The coast of Brittany comes highly recommended for family holidays and short break getaways. It is close enough to the port at Calais so there will be no long tedious journey homewards at the end of it all, you can enjoy the beaches temperatures can pass 18 degrees quite easily. There’s also plenty of local history, from the World Wars to the Corsair past of towns like St Malo, you’ll find castles and museums to explore as well as points of local interest.

For more information on locations such as these we urge you to look up European Heritage Days

. This is a foundation now over 30 years old, which also works in the UK too, that encourages not just tourists but locals as well to really immerse themselves in a countries history and culture. Heritage Days opens up doors to town halls and military sites, private galleries and more that are normally closed off to the public, however on these days you can not only enter, but get a tour as well.

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This summer Disneyland Paris has an outstanding deal for P&O Ferry users. Your crossing will be absolutely free terms and conditions apply but essentially a standard car with up to 9 passengers, so long as one paying adult is in attendance. For more information click here.

If you seek to avoid all the sporting hoi polloi that summer in France has to offer then travel south to the Loire Valley. This region comes highly recommended especially if you fancy yourself as a bit of a foodie or just want to sample French cuisine in a rustic setting. You can avoid the tourist traps that bistro in the country capital might have with inflated prices and sample fresh produce prepared the old fashioned way in one of the most scenic regions of France.

Book ahead for wine tastings or tours of the local abbeys and cathedrals. Take up residence in a grand chateaux and journey outwards in to Loire’s countryside and small towns and villages. The local markets offer excellent prospects for antiquing holidays, cheese connoisseurs and just about everyone in between. The Loire Valley is also an excellent place to bring the kids, there are multiple zoos and safari parks, the natural landscape makes it excellent for animal habitats, and an aquarium as well.

Book now for France’s Summer of Sport with P&O Ferries

Image Credit: Nazionale Calcio , Anne Arnould , Jeremy Thompson

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