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P&O Ferries: Autumn Holidays in Holland 2016

Now is the time to be looking ahead, how will you spend what little is left of 2016? The summer months are flying by all too quickly but when there’s a plan for autumn and winter there is no cause to mind quite so much. Here we have some grand ideas for you to sneak in a little (or not so little) holiday to the continent for the dying months of 2016. As the seasons change you’ll find plenty to do in Holland during temperate weather. The countries capital is also a fine sight in autumn as the leaves change over the canal you won’t need to speculate over the nation’s obsession with orange.

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Amsterdam’s Markets

One of the great benefits of going on holiday with P&O Ferries, is that, should you choose to, you can take your car. This means there’s plenty of room to bring stuff back with you (provided you’re not the type to pack everything but the kitchen sink). You’ll find Europe’s markets draw a lot of tourists at this time of year, they tend to multiply as Christmas approaches. And well they should, it’s a perfect arrangement if you choose to spend the festive season avoiding the mad dash that is travel at Christmas, take a trip a few months early, and perhaps even get some presents in.

The most likely shopping hubs you’ll see in the Dutch capital, if Saturday’s night time excursions don’t get the better of you, are the Sunday markets. We’ll start off with:

Pure Markt: A fortnightly Sunday market starting at 11AM open until 6PM. Pure Markt can be attended at Amstell Park on September 11th or Park Frankendael later on September 25th. If you are self catering, this market is a great opportunity for you to experience local produce, fresh and in season; perhaps with some helpful advice on how to serve it as well. There are also music and food stalls, to keep you occupied & it’s also a good spot to pick up Dutch keepsakes if you’re bringing back souvenirs.

Early next month on September 4th, is the monthly Sunday Market at Westergasfabriek, an old gas works that has now become a cultural hub. This market is open from midday to 6PM. If you are in to fashion, art or design then there’s no better place to be on a Sunday in Holland. A vibrant crowd, live music and plenty of food and drink to keep you buoyed.

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If Sunday market is a little too early in September, you’ll get another chance to visit Westergasfabriek, on the 17th and 18th for NeighbourFood & Flea Market. On the Saturday Neighbourfood will be dishing up all the best local produce and on the following day a sprawling flea market opens up. Those of you with a keen eye can quite easily pick up a bargain with authentic Dutch fare on sale, it may be second hand but that old world charm cannot be reproduced any other way.

The other major flea market of September in Amsterdam is IJ-Hallen which is to be held the weekend before Neighbourfood, on the 10th and 11th. This is one of the larger markets held in Amsterdam at the NDSM-wharf, sure to be filled with with curios, bureaus and all other manner of so-and-so.

Anyone taking a cultural tour of Amsterdam, you’d have to try quite hard not to imbibe some form of culture in Amsterdam, will find themselves gravitating towards Museumplein. This is the large square in centre of Amsterdam where you’ll find places like the Van Gogh museum & other galleries, notable churches and places of interest. On September 18th, Museum Market will be open all day and is sure to draw a big crowd. This is an arts and crafts market, which will be great for anyone who is good with their hands, but also inspiring for kids. You’ll have close proximity to all the nearby galleries and museums as well as live music and food, heaven.

And finally just because it wouldn’t feel right to neglect such an auspicious occasion on a post about Dutch markets. The Alkmaar Cheese Market will be drawing to a close at the end of the month on September 30th. If you haven’t experienced the cheese market, then it does come recommended, being steeped in history, ceremony and healthy love of cheese.

Markets are not hard to come by in Amsterdam, for more information on them click

Book now for your last chance to holiday in Holland in 2016, P&O Ferries’ Hull to Rotterdam service can get you there!

Image Credit: Daviddje , Jos Dielis , Ferdi De gier

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