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A very French Autumn with P&O Ferries

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Summer is all but spent and now is the time for the savvy holidayer to make the best of a not quite ‘off season’ sojourn in France with P&O Ferries.

The kids are suitably unhappy about the end of the summer holidays and it will seem, to them, like a long hard slog until Christmas. It doesn’t have to be this way though, a family break during half term, or even a long weekend could be arranged. P&O Ferries’ Dover to Calais service runs multiple times a day so you can travel at a time best suited to you. It only takes 90 minutes to cross the channel, you won’t be confined to either carriage or cabin and get panoramic ocean views, you can stretch your legs, do some shopping and the kids have designated play areas and arcades too.

Kids under 7 years of age can stay at Disneyland for free in their hotels, provided an adult will be accompanying them per room. You’ll need to book before October 3rd, a stay of 2,3 or 4 nights will reward the entire party with a up to two nights extra free as part of Disneyland’s Magic Breaks special offer.

You’ll find a journey to Disneyland far more rewarding via ferry than the alternative methods. It is just a 2.5 hour trip from the port of Calais to Disneyland’s gates, take your own car and be their in no time or book accommodation elsewhere to suit your needs.

Disneyland’s Halloween festivities run throughout October to November 2nd, so there is plenty of time to book in a half term slot, though be warned they do get competitive the closer to Halloween you leave it to book. At this time of year Disneyland is given a spooky makeover and you’ll find events from parades of favourites like Mickey to musical numbers and performances from Disney’s dastardly villains.

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Autumn is a brilliant time for short trips, while whatever lingering heat from summer remains you can still get brilliant days out in the country or the city. Those of you not chained to the school holidays can easily find cheaper prices, less crowded attractions and even a more authentic atmosphere. As the holiday season draws to a close, Paris itself becomes a bit more French, the average clientele sees fewer tourists so you get more of a Parisian’s experience of the capital than that of a day-tripper .

The further away from city centres you intend to go the more you’ll feel the end of the travelling season. Many businesses only make a profit through tourists, so it’s better to shut up shop for the off season. This, unfortunately, includes some attractions and landmarks including heritage sites like cathedrals. A positive of this is that the businesses that are open have passed a sort of litmus test, proving themselves robust and therefore good quality. After all, what’s the point of dining out in France if you aren’t sampling the finest of French food?

France isn’t just a destination for families, before winter sets in and seasonal obligations start taking up your time, plan a mini-break with the one you love. Romantic holidays in France don’t have to mean bank breaking hotels, a discrete cottage in the country, or chalet with a view could do much for your relationship, or just as a treat for the sake of it.

With the change of season, France’s countryside has a real burst of colour, travelling with your car is easy with P&O ferries, so if the weather turns against you, it won’t be too much trouble to see the country by car. However if you’re fortunate with the weather, and wish to get out and about in the country a rambling journey will also do you the world of good and help you make fond memories.

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There are plenty of resources to look to if you’re planning an outdoorsy holiday, walking around France allows you to set the tone, do as much or as little research as you feel is required. You can challenge yourself using the maps to take you beyond the reach of the modern world as well as discover little seen landmarks and old abandoned structures from bygone days.

Late summer and early autumn is also wine season. If you are partaking in a walking holiday it will be well worth your while to trek to the major wine regions of France. Get there early for some of the years first Beaujolais or if you fancy it, a hearty Burgundy. When travelling back to the UK you’ll be nearest to the Champagne region, what better way to remember your holiday than to have a little bit of it bottled for a special occasion, or perhaps New Years’? Be forewarned the picking season is serious business, so through you might get a few samples once the work is done, tourism is not the priority of vineyards during harvest season. But don’t be dismayed, you will find a booming zeal for gastronomy. As the weather starts to chill, dining habits will shift from summer grazing to heavier more satisfying stews, fresh baked bread, cheeses (and of course wine). Think bourguignon or bouillabaisse and dream of France.

Book now for your getaway holiday this Autumn with P&O Ferries, just 90 minutes across the channel from Dover to Calais!

Image Credit: Henry Ngo , Yann Coeuru , Cristian Bortes

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