About the Authors

John Hillman:

John was born in the horsey hills of Gloucestershire before being forcibly relocated to Southern Spain at the age of eight.

After numerous years of being a professional beach bum he decided to head back up to northern Europe where he was shocked to discover that he quite liked the rain and darkness that was denied him as a child.

He has since settled in North London yet travels frequently in Europe and North America. He is a writer whose main interests are travel, the great outdoors and all manner of boats.

Peter Moore:

Peter started off in Staffordshire and ended up in London. Along the way he learnt much about life whilst in the north east of England and even more about living life during a three year stint in Madrid.

Having climbed to the very top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania twice and driven a very old mini all the way from Hyde Park to the far reaches of Siberia, he feels qualified to lecture occasionally on travel and culture.

Over the past decade Peter has published literally hundreds of well received novels under a variety of pseudonyms.

Peter lives in the East End of London, and as a result is represented politically by the odd couple of Boris Johnson and George Galloway. He enjoys writing, Fender guitars, history and escaping the city.

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