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Love it or loath it Christmas is on its way. Book ahead for fast filling accommodation especially around New Year’s. We take a look at what you can get up to during winter breaks this year in Belgium with P&O Ferries.


As we all lament the loss of the summer weather and rue though the loss of daylight as the clocks go back (though we must admit it has its benefits) the time to batten down the hatches for yet another winter season is upon us. If you, however, are susceptible to the winter blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder: yes it actually spells out ‘sad’) one means of tackling it is to find something positive to focus on. We’ll grant that’s not always so easy, but treating yourself this festive season may be just the ticket to see you through, or raise a smile on your loved ones face.

Belgium is an ideal country to visit during the winter months because of its close proximity to the United Kingdom as well as the fact that areas of outstanding natural beauty aren’t so far situated from the comforts of urban environment. For such a relatively small land mass there is an exorbitant wealth of cultural, historical and gastronomical pursuits to make even a brief stint fulfilling.

Travel to Belgium via P&O Ferries Hull to Zeebrugge overnight ferry, you can book at your convenience since it ships out daily. Fairs cost as little £139 for a return and if you prefer the mini cruise prices start as low as £49 giving you a round trip with shore leave to visit the port city Zeebrugge. For more information, and to book: Click Here


A lot of the winter tourism in Belgium is due to the Christmas Markets all the major cities have them, the three major draws are to Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent. Belgium’s border with Germany means there is a fair amount of teutonic influence on the seasonal festivities, since much of ‘traditional’ Christmas fare comes from German convention where better to turn for Christmas fun?

Brussels Christmas Market opens November 24th to New Years’ Eve. It is hosted right in the heart of the Belgian capital at the Grand Place the cities central square. A fantastic destination for couples looking to enjoy the season, there’s skating rink and ferris wheel for lots of hand holding and warm embraces, the cold weather with warm lights and merry atmosphere makes any trip here special with just that touch of romance.

If you tend to struggle with Christmas shopping but want to find something a little bit special these markets offer an excellent selection. You’ll find even something small such as a decoration can become a treasure, brought out each year when most generic gifts have long lost their legs. The market in Brussels has upwards of 200 wooden chalets specially constructed to bring a bit of countrified Christmas village feel to the bustling metropolis. It’s an excellent site to partake in the countries ales with chocolate abound and warm waffles to delight both young and old.

The Christmas market in Ghent opens a little later in the year on the 8th of December As a major city there is naturally a certain degree of traffic but you’l find Ghent’s market a little less crowded than the one in Brussels. The stall holders here remind us that Belgium is considered a crossroads of Europe and therefore there is a more international feel to the market, though it still retains its Belgian charm. The wares for sale and foods available to eat are all from around the world so you could find some uniquely unusual, or perhaps unexpected gifts for your loved ones.


The third top Christmas market in Belgium for you to visit this winter is in Bruges. This is desirable destination for the winter months. Like Ghent, Bruges is rich in history but its architecture and general feel make it really strike the soul. From the cobbled alleys to the ringing church bells Bruges really is a remarkable place for the short stay visit. The canalled streets are a brilliant way to soak up early evening, savouring the season before reservations. The Christmas lights illuminate centuries old byways, you get the feeling that so much has happened there and just about any twist of fate might befall you if you’re open to it, there is mystery in Bruges.

If we have persuaded you to see the delights of Bruges for yourself with P&O Ferries then the Christmas Market opens there October 24th right through to New Years’ Day.

If you are hoping to bring in the New Year in Belgium this year, and why not they throw one hell of a party, then make you’re booking early accommodation and passage tends to fill up fast. We hope to see you this Christmas.

Book now with P&O Ferries to get you through the winter months, the Hull to Zeebrugge overnight crossing awaits!

Image Credit: Martin de Lusenet , Rod-20 , Susanne NiIlsson

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