The Olympics come to Weymouth

Fishing boats, Weymouth Harbourd by MarylinJane

Far away from the bustle of the East End, the coastal town of Weymouth has its own reason to be preparing for the arrival of the Olympic Games in 2012. John Hillman explains.

The sleepy sea-side town of Weymouth is about to become the centre of global sporting attention as it prepares to host the 2012 Olympics’ sailing events.

Located on the coast of Dorset next to Portland, they won the right to host the event thanks to the Royal Yachting Association’s assertion that the coastal waters around Weymouth represent the best natural sailing conditions in the whole of northern Europe.

There are rumours that the Russian team is already there practising, giving you some idea of just how seriously these games are being taken. However, rumours of Ivan Drago-like individuals being wired up to computers while attractive Slav doctors stand around with clipboards so far remain unsubstantiated.

Weymouth used to be known as the home of the naval base HMS Osprey, but when this closed down the town was left to sailing enthusiasts and the occasional tourist.

But now with the 2012 Olympics and the National Sailing Academy, which has made Weymouth its permanent home, the harbour town is on course for a great future.

Jurassic coastal walks, long meandering sandy beaches, excellent fishing, and even one or two decent pubs, make this part of the coast a place well-worth getting acquainted with before the rest of the world does in a few years time.

Image Credit: Marylin Jane

2 Responses to “The Olympics come to Weymouth”

  1. Weymouth? Weymouth?
    The National Sailing Academy is on Portland, as was the former RNAS HMS Osprey.

    Someone should buy John Hillman a map and encourage him to visit the area

  2. Good point Richard – although, as far as I can tell, it is titled the Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy. Could throw any writer off.

    It’s Dorset for our next holidays then.

    Thanks for the comment,


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