Sunset over La Manche by Dimitry B

Ever heard of Doggerland? – Didn’t think so. The reason perhaps, as John Hillman explains, is that like Atlantis, it is hidden beneath the sea

We now know that the earliest settlers in Britain were not necessarily good in boats. Before we became a nation of pirates or shopkeepers (depends who you ask) we were actually only good at running.

We ran from Germany to Britain (who wouldn’t I hear you cry) sometime in the pre- neo-something before the Channel was created.

Then the Channel burst through the Isthmus of Essex (I think) and flooded a place called Doggerland, not to be confused with Doggingland in Greater Hertfordshire, or Colleymorton, as it is occasionally known.

It must have been quite a year when those walls gave way and millions of gallons of the North Sea poured into Doggerland, I imagine that many neo-something buy-to-let investors were left cursing their luck. Some things never change.

But it’s quite a thought that something as monumental as the Great Flood has gone on to play such a big part in the formation of our national character. Had we remained connected to the continent would we even speak English?

You can visit Doggerland on board a P&O Ferry; 46 crossings a day over the top of it in fact. It might all look a bit samey these days but hey, so what? Have you ever tried driving from Moscow to Volgograd?
Lead Image Credit: Dimitry B

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