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More than a 1000 representatives from over 70 different countries will flock to the Parc des Exposition for the Foire de Paris, one of the world’s leading exhibitions for innovative accessories and household appliances, at the end of this month.

The fair is divided into three sections: home and environment, cultures of the world and leisure time. The Home and Environment section is unequalled in Europe, and draws many people who are interested in redecorating their home or to catching up on the latest technology.

The Cultures of the World section aims to present crafts and local products from all over the world. In addition to this, visitors are also offered mouth-watering samples of international cuisine. Among the highlights will be the Tropic Festival, with music and dance performances from Trinidad and Tobago and Brazil and the Happy Parade featuring a mix of cultures.

The range of products and exhibits include anything from kitchens, electrical gadgets, DIY products to home decor and fashion accessories. It promises to cater for all personalities and interests. One pavilion is dedicated to artwork, covering everything from graphics and paintings to designer tableware. There will also be lots of tasting and craft workshops to participate in.

The Fair, which has been running since 1904, was set up after the World Exhibition of 1900 to create an annual event dedicated to innovation in Paris. It functions as a showcase for over 500 independent inventors and entrepreneurs. They compete for the prestigious prizes in innovation, Concours Lépine and the Grand Prix de l’innovation.

Past winners include the ballpoint pen, the artificial heart, and a cooking pot that allows the preparation of a three course meal at the same time.
Half a million people are expected for the 2012 edition with the slogan “Y’a d’la joie!” roughly translated, “There is joy” and indeed few events can compete with Foire de Paris’ avalanche of innovative new ideas, designed to make our lives more easy and enjoyable.

The Foire de Paris will take place April 27th to May 8th. Tickets can be purchased online and P&O Ferries Dover-Calais service is a 90 minute journey, with up to 46 crossings every day.

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