Moulin Rouge Paris NYE 2009

Detail from Moulin Rouge Toulouse-Latrec by jonathanjonl

Still stuck for NYE ideas? Well if you are looking for high-end elegance and expensive frolics, says John Hillman, why not pop along to the Moulin Rouge NYE party in Paris. Oh la la!

Just how spectacular a New Year’s Eve will you be having this year? My guess is that – no matter how indulgent you think you may be – you won’t be coming anywhere near to reaching the dizzy heights of luxury and excess found within the walls of the Moulin Rouge, Paris.

This year’s big end of year party includes all the glamour of the dancing girls along with caviar, lobster and champagne.

I have to say that there does seem to be something quaintly old fashioned about the way that Moulin Rouge’s NYE Party has been presented.

For a start the menu carries all those rather dated sounding ‘status dishes’ that seemed really exotic when James Bond ordered them back in the 1970s – French Fresh Caviar, Blinis and Swiss Cream, Blue Lobster Bouquet and Fillet of Charolais Beef, all washed down with Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 1998.

The meal stretches to a good French seven courses and will all be lovingly prepared by Michelin Star winning chef, Laurent Tarridec.

So dinner and dance with the Moulin Rouge Orchestra, followed by a midnight show that’s been specially put together for the occasion, followed by a DJ, dancing and even posh party gifts. It all sounds so classically cheesy and fun.

Are you interested? Well all you have to do is get yourself a ticket then. Just €570 per person. Bargain


Image Credit: jonathanjonl

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