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Sailing is the number one sport among Bretons, which is no surprise considering the pristine location, the nature of the beaches and the windy weather.

So as spring approaches, many hobby sailors might want to turn their heads towards Brittany on the west coast of France. Generally a hotspot for all kinds of water sports, sailing is particularly enjoyable thanks to the wide-ranging infrastructure in the area.

There are more than 100 sailing schools and boat hiring centres, where even newbies can dip their toe in and try their hand at this fantastic sport. The main sailing centres are called Bretagne Stations Nautiques and are located in, among other places, Saint-Malo, Perros-Guirec and Pays de Lorient. There, visitors can engage in a wide range of activities, such as group trips and catamaraning.

The city of Brest is a good starting point for any stay in Brittany and is also a very popular spot for wind surfers.

To get to Brittany, you can get a ferry from Dover to Calais with your car and drive along the coast – granted, it will take you about five hours, but it will be one of the more scenic drives you’ll have this year!

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