P&O Ferries Winter Holidays in Holland 2018

Though Christmas is often considered a time for hearth and home, every so often we just want to add something new. It adds dimension, helps you realise just what is that you love about the way you celebrate this time of year. Christmas traditions change a lot more readily than you may think, so if you don’t fancy doing roughly the same thing you did last year, here’s some suggestions for why you might want to try Holland out this December.


Short stay trips from Hull to Rotterdam with P&O Ferries are an excellent way to add a little difference to your routine. Treat the kids to a bit of Christmas market shopping or steal your partner away for the weekend to reconnect or just get away from it all. What’s great about a city break at this time of year is that though the rat race keeps ticking, you’ll find more people want a fun easy atmosphere and time to enjoy the good things, company, food, drink, moments of bliss.

The ferry crossing is an overnight voyage allowing you to rest up in your cabin to awaken fresh and ready to make the most of your trip. This time of year does draw crowds so prebook accommodation, doesn’t need to be fancy if you’ll be spending most of your time exploring or drinking in the scenery somewhere.

Holland is an excellent place to bring in the New Year. The squares of Amsterdam are like turning hubs, residents ignite fireworks with gusto, you may not be able to see where the music is coming from but you’ll probably hear it. Since the party doesn’t really stop you with the right ferry booking you could power through New Year’s Eve and sleep on the ferry back home.

If you’re up to it, the most cleansing way to bring in the new year is participate in the Scheveningen or

Fancy doing something a bit different this Christmas? We may have something right up your alley. The 2018 Cheese of the Year but you’d better believe the yellow cheese which won with ease, got its namesake from the Dutch city Gouda.


Just north of Rotterdam, where P&O Ferries makes berth, Gouda is relatively central and packed with Dutch charm you need not venture to Amsterdam for canals, architecture that spans centuries and a thriving tourist economy.

For many of us the cheese platter is an essential part of Christmas and that is why a pilgrimage to Gouda could be considered every turophile’s (cheese fancier) obligation. And the fair citizens of Gouda are well aware of this, perhaps this is why the reason Candle Night Kaarsjesavond has become an annual tradition since 1956.

Candle Night taking place this year on December 14 will draw guests from all over the the world. It is an immense display of candles in the central square, illuminating the Gothic town hall and 60ft centrepiece Christmas tree brought each year from Kongsberg in Norway, Gouda’s sister city via England through to Rotterdam, the same journey P&O Ferries follows.

Candlelight at Christmas is a guaranteed way to get those festive juices flowing, however this event begins early afternoon in full sun so you’ll be able to get your bearings. The crowd is addressed by the mayor, there are choirs, musicians and entertainers to keep things festive and of course vittles and winter warmers are in abundance. Following Gouda by Candlelight the holiday season really amps up with the installation of a skating rink and Christmas markets to follow.

Gouda is a wonderfully scenic place to visit any time of the year but the sparkle that it’s given by the holiday season could make it magical for families and romantic for couples.

To simply have a wonderful time this winter book now, with P&O Ferries to make the Hull to Rotterdam crossing

Image Credit: Antonio Castagna , Leonid Mamchenkov , Ruben Holthuijsen

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