Catharijneconvent Museum gets the Midas touch

midas touch

Gold is one of earth’s most desirable elements, one that has clearly struck a cord with Dutch designer, artist and performance artist Aziz Bekkaoui. Rosie Khdir looks at his latest creations at the Catharijneconvent Museum in Utrecht.

In the exhibition entitled Gold, which starts this summer, Bekkaoui shows the public his unique vision, and remarkable associative and styling skills. He adds to the Museums collection with beautifully stunning old, modern and contemporary works, on loan for the duration of the exhibition.

The collection itself looks at the importance of gold in themes such as protection, decoration, power, immortality, value and worship; both symbolic and actual.

Visitors can catch a glimpse of the Catharijneconvent Museum’s many gold-embellished sculptures, paintings, manuscripts and chalices. These pieces, however, are not meant solely to astound viewers, they are meant to intrigue you, and make you think where this love for gold came from, and what it represents.

Today we see gold as a commodity and a symbol of luxury – think of all those gold iPods, phones and designer labels. This exhibition contrasts this modern view of gold with previous, more religious elements and makes for a dazzling display.

The exhibition runs from June 13th 2010 until January 6th 2011. P&O Ferries can help you on you way to this golden wonder with its Hull to Rotterdam overnight ferry service starting from £149 each way and there its just a short drive to Utrecht!

Image credit: covilha

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  1. That was an interesting one! Museum Het Catharijneconvent has always been unique!

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