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Have you always wanted to discover the mysteries and wonders of China? Well all you need to do is cross the channel to where Rosie Khdir has found Europalia International.

Europalia, one of the leading arts festivals in Europe, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and will be sending its guests on a journey through China.

In Belgium and its surrounding regions, over 50 shows and 400 events will be put on in the greatest museums and venues to unveil the history, culture and traditions of this amazing civilization. Visitors can discover China through the festivals four themes: Eternal China, Contemporary China, Colourful China and China and the rest of the world.

Eternal China will be exploring Chinese heritage, for example in the Son of Heaven exhibition at the Centre for Fine Arts in Belgium which is showing 5000 years of the country’s history through beautiful works of art. There will also be an exhibition in Antwerp based on the life and literature of the Tang Dynasty.

Contemporary China takes a look at the current state of affairs in the form of music, dance and photography. Collaborations have been set up between the FotoMuseum in Antwerp and the Shanghai Art Museum to show contemporary art and there will also be a pop, rock and electronic music festival held at the Vooruit in Ghent.

Colourful China is about traditions and popular culture and is portrayed through tributes to things such as the fine Chinese art of calligraphy and the Chinese New Year traditions. There will be masks in Binche, fabrics and jewelry of the Miao in Liège, an exhibition on musical instruments in Brussels and Chinese puppet theatre in Bozar.

China and the rest of the world not only explores the country’s international relations but also takes a look at new artistic collaborations. It will celebrate the union between Belgium and China during this festival and the special relationships shared between the different cities, provinces and regions.

This festival will be filled with artists, musicians, acrobats, writers and filmmakers from both China and Belgium all united to celebrate the history and traditions of this enchanting country. The festival is running until 14 February 2010.

Take a look at the Europalia International websites for a closer look at what’s on offer.

Image credit: Heather Bickle

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