Dinant, Daughter of the Meuse


Nestled in the Belgian province of Namur, on the banks of the River Meuse lies the historic town of Dinant. Rosie Khdir discovers the town made famous for its rocky cliffs, beautiful river trails and its music.

Dinant was a settlement created back in the 7th century and traces of Neolithic, Celtic, and Roman inhabitants can be seen in the varying architecture around the town.

The city’s main landmark, besides the natural cliffs that provide Dinant with a stunning backdrop, is the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame. This church was rebuilt on its initial foundations after falling rocks crushed the original Romanesque building.

Another must-see in Dinant is the 11th century fortified citadel, which you can get to by cable car. Explore the dungeons, kitchens, weapons museum and old trenches that all reveal different eras of the city’s history.

Dinant is also a town of music, as the home town of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone, and will be hosting a Jazz festival on 3rd September this year.

If you are a museum junkie, Dinant will keep you satisfied there, with over twelve museums including the Meuse Medieval Heritage Centre, the Montaigle Castle Museum and the Museum of the Orders of Gastronomy.

Dinant truly is a beautiful city with such a mixture of entertainment. The river trails are great for those who love the outdoors, the many churches and abbeys are perfect for history buffs and there are plenty of restaurants for food lovers.

There are also boat cruises on the Meuse, rail bikes, rocking climbing, boats for hire and even caves to explore.

If you would like to discover this amazing city for yourself then P&O Ferries offers an overnight service from Hull to Zeebrugge. Or you can take the Dover to Calais crossing starting from just £30 for a car and up to nine people; from Calais it is just a few hours drive to Dinant.

Image by: Мишель Шанц

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