European Heritage Days

France Heritage Day

The 17th-18th of September are dedicated European Heritage Days in France. The European Commission and the Council of Europe have banded together all the signatory states of the European Cultural Convention to open the doors to all National Heritage Sites free of access to the public, including some locations typically closed to tourists. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get some unique sightseeing done on a budget. The open locations include magnificent feats of architecture and coordination between neighbouring regions and countries.

As France has over 16,000 locations listed, you’ll be able to visit historical sites, and monuments, more modern architectural wonders and places of aesthetic appeal. The European Heritage Days of 2011 are dedicated to architects, artisans and curators, in a bid to raise awareness of both environmental and architectural heritage in France. This country has a rich national history and identity that has drawn visitors from all across the world and Heritage sites are hot spots to get a feel for France’s history and development.

This is a great chance to sample the man-made wonders of France and receive an education on its history and preservation. There will be thousands of events to attend including concerts, conferences, exhibitions and workshops for children.

To get to France for European Heritage Days a P&O ferry will take you across the Channel on a service that runs multiple times a day with a low cost for you, the family and the car to cross in to France

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