Explore the Dutch P&O Ferries port on a harbour cruise

The Port of Rotterdam is well-known among the maritime community, and the point of arrival for hundreds of tourists every week. The next time you take a trip with P&O Ferries to visit the Netherlands, you might want to plan in a bit of time to cruise around the harbour itself – it’s well worth it.


As one of the largest and busiest harbours in the world, you might think that the Port of Rotterdam might be slightly inaccessible to the general public – nobody wants to get in the way of those supersized vessels. However, Spido offer a number of different cruise options around the harbour. From short excursion along the main points of interest to longer, relaxed tours, there is something there to fit everyone’s schedule.

The extended tour encompasses all the workings of a modern harbour: from shipbuilding sites to dry docks and containers, you will get an impression of everything that goes on at the Port of Rotterdam. As well as excellent views of Rotterdam’s modern skyline, you will pass by the largest vessel ever built in the Netherlands, De Rotterdam. This impressive vessel used to be a cruise ship back in the 1960s and is now being used as a hotel, but visitors can still visit parts of it for free.

During the extended tour, there will be catering available in the form of sandwiches, drinks, ice cream and apple pie.

You can also opt for a package trip, one of which takes in sights from both land and sea – you start off on a tram tour around late morning, then set off for a 75-minute harbour tour, after which can sit down for a hearty brunch.

The Port of Rotterdam is P&O Ferries’ Dutch port. To get there, you can take a P7O Ferry from Hull for a 5-day stay in the Netherlands for only £154 each way, which covers a car and two passengers.

Image credit: dierk schaefer

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