Holidays in Belgium this autumn with P&O Ferries


Though we might call this time of year the dying months of summer, given the heat 2018 has offered us there’s a fair chance this scorching weather will last us a good while yet. So if sun means fun to you (and you can get away with it) why not book a late holiday with P&O Ferries and carry on the good times before winter comes along with another believable reason for the morning commute to be disrupted.

In a thoroughly heroic attempt to assert Brussels as the beer capital of the world the BXL BeerFest is to be held later this month on August 25th. Have no fear if this is too short notice there are plenty more sudsy events to jot down on your calendar. For more information on BXL click here

Belgian Beer Weekend 7 – 9 September in Brussel’s grand central square

Modeste Beer Festival in Antwerp October 6 – 7 an egalitarian event where both major and minor characters in the brewing industry are allotted equal amount of space.

Followed swiftly by Brassigaume on October 15 – 16 in Marbehan – a little further south in to the country than most sojourners venture in Belgium but this event champions the smallest breweries and has been known to elevate relatively unheard of brands in to major players.

Christmas Beer Festival to bring a bit of merriment to your holiday season Essen’s Beer Festival December 15 – 16. Belgium’s specially brewed winter beers and relaxed yet jovial environment make this event a perfect way to wrap up the year, you can also pick out some exclusive gifts for your beer loving friends back home.

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This October marks the sixth edition of the Belgian Beer Challenge which this year is to be hosted in Mechelen. Before any of you start polishing your luck tankards this competition is for breweries it’s not an international drinking competition. Over 1500 beers from breweries around the globe will be putting their suds to the test. This competition takes place over three days starting October 2nd. Judgement of the beers falls to a panel of 60 internationally renowned beer connoisseurs (a hallowed position indeed) who at the end of the weekend will award medals for a variety of categories.

Mechelen is often overlooked due to its proximity to the larger cities of Brussels and Antwerp about 25km to either side of it. It does however have an intriguing history and cultural prominence to followers of art history being a hotspot for illuminators, painters and printers during the Northern Renaissance. Should you take a ramble through some of the galleries and museums dotted about the town you are bound find wonders that would not be out of place in any of the famous exhibitions of Europe. It is also the geographic locale where the Malinois breed of Belgian Shepherd’s arose and who doesn’t love a big fluffy puppy?


p>Running from mid-September to late December is a season of late night culture. Called Nocturnes, in Brussels where major institutions of learning, museums, galleries and exhibition halls are open until midnight. Last year records were set for the number of people who came to the 54 participating museums during Nocturnes. Brussels is a fantastic city to stroll through during winter, architecture compliments the cold setting making cosiness all the more fulfilling. However after a late dinner it would be a shame to return to your hotel or room and if you didn’t fancy whiling away the night in a bar then a museum certainly offers a novel alternative.

Winter 2018 will be an sombre occasion for many people around the world as we gather to commemorate the Armistice drawing a close to the conflict now known as World War One. It has been one hundred years since Europe tore itself apart, and sadly not for the last time. This year marks a milestone and “on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” it is fitting and proper that we pay homage. Special commemorative services are to be held across Europe and if you wish to attend one of these ceremonies near the battlefields of the Western Front we would direct you to The Great War website.

P&O Ferries offer overnight passage from Hull to Rotterdam daily, if you wish to travel in comfort book a luxury cabin and seat at the onboard restaurant – a budget alternative can get you to Belgium at minimum expense!

Image Credit: Stephane Mignon , Neil Turner , Nams82

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