January Sales in France


All you considerate souls out there who have already finished your Christmas shopping, and those of you who love a bargain should set aside those Christmas bonuses for the January sales.

Shopping in France is a luxury endeavour that you can enjoy a loved one at a knock down price at this time of year. From transport to hotels a trip on to the continent in January 2012 won’t be a bank breaker, and if you get a poor haul on the 25th then why not grab a couple well deserved gifts for yourself.

It’ll still be cold and residence for skiing may be competitive, but if shopping is the purpose for your trip then a cosy hotel room near a Parisian market will make for an exceptional romantic getaway. The sales in France’s capital ‘Soldes by Paris!’ run from January 12th to the 15th of February so there’s plenty of time to plan ahead, getting there early in the month is the best way to fight to the front of the queues for some of these deals but we’re sure there will be some excellent items left over if you want to hold out for that all important January pay check.

The tourist attractions will also be blessedly free from queues, so wrap up warm and do some wandering around; there’ll still be a bit of Christmas magic left over to keep things special.

Soldes is the only time of year when shops are allowed to sell goods at a loss, the regulations in Paris let shop slash their prices by up to 40% and with ever changing fashions a lot of shops want to clear out their stock rooms so picking up a bargain will not be too difficult.

Happy shopping!

A P&O Ferry is an excellent budget way to get to France, with the sales you can take a car with you and load up at minimal cost.

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