Keukenhof – The Dutch kitchen garden

Tulips by thejaswi

Peter Moore urges you all to discover your inner romantic, and where better to do so than Holland?

‘Springtime is the land awakening’, wrote Lewis Grizzard. ‘The March winds are the morning yawn’.

Indeed, there is something invigorating about this time of year. Daffodils are skirting hedgerows, and the few remaining English woodlands are filled with bluebells and a hundred other species of vibrant, wild flowers. It isn’t for nothing that the name April stems from the Latin word for opening.

As we emerge from our darkened houses after a cold winter, we could do much worse than settling on a weekend in Holland, the perfect destination to properly appreciate nature and its rainbow of colours.

Long famous for its tulips, the best place to view Holland’s most famous flower is at the Keukenhof, which translated from Dutch as the kitchen garden. Keukenhof is considered by many to be the world’s largest flower garden, and each year approximately 7,000,000 bulbs are planted.

The garden is situated in the south of Holland in the small town of Lisse, and is open to the public between the months of March and May. About now is the very best time to visit.

Not only is Keukenhof one of the most vibrant displays of nature to be seen anywhere in the world, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to dig out your romantic soul, and discover for yourself just what it was that Wordsworth, Coleridge and Robert Southey were getting so excited about two centuries ago.

The Keukenhof is easily reached by car from Rotterdam, to which P&O Ferries operate daily crossings.

Image Credit: the jaswi

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