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John Hillman on why Phil Brown could do with a mini-cruise

Hull City supporters should forget their woes on the football pitch and take advantage of P&O’s mini cruises from Hull to Amsterdam, Bruges or Rotterdam.

At just £66 per person this is much cheaper than travelling all the way to London to watch their team get robbed by an off-side goal. A ticket for 90 minutes of watching your team watch another team play football goes for more than £50 before you factor in travel and accommodation expenses.

P&O Mini-cruises not only offer better value for money but promise to leave you feeling relaxed and with a greater sense of well-being; can the same be said of following the irate relegation strugglers?

In these financially constraining times it surely becomes necessary to see that the money we spend on ourselves represents the maximum bang for our buck.

Floating leisurely down the east coast of Britain and across the English Channel to Europe for a few days, enjoying good food, going for a relaxing stroll on deck, doing a bit of shopping or having a flutter in the casino; these activities must surely offer more guarantee of a good time than watching Phil Brown gradually turn a darker shade of orange with each passing match.

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