New Year’s Eve Amsterdam 2011


We’re a week into December so it’s now officially the festive season whether you like it or not. So what better time to start thinking about New Year’s Eve? For those of you who want to do something special to bring in 2012 a stint overseas with the family or friends could be in order.

Amsterdam is renowned for having a good time so you can expect parties of the highest order to celebrate the coming of a new year. From roof top terraces to public squares the city of Amsterdam will be full of good cheer, merry making and all round fun.

We should warn you now, accommodation will be filling up fast so we suggest you go with your gut and make your bookings now so you won’t be let down later. As a bit of good news, and perhaps added incentive, New Year’s Day offers free public transport in Amsterdam. So you can party on, spend as much as you like on revelry and not have to worry about the fare home, good eh? That said on New Year’s Eve you’ll have difficulty even using the public transport since it grinds to halt due to the masses of crowds celebrating in the streets.

The restaurants, the bars and clubs and streets will all be crammed so plan out what you want to do first and be sure to hold on to your friends tight, lest you get swept away in the crowds and have your voice drowned out by cheers and fireworks.

But enough of the warnings New Year’s Eve is all about fun afterall!

For major mass celebrations you’ll want to crack open a bottle at Leidsplein, Dam Square, Nieumarkt or Rembrandtplein, at these spots there will be city organised firework displays come the close of the countdown live music and oodles and oodles of people to party with. Beer tents are provided for you to stock up and truly make merry.

To get to Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve 2011 an P&O Ferry is a great moneysaving way to get to the Netherlands.

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