The ‘Big Week’ hits Spain

Esperanza gorria by arte sonado

The Spanish party season rolls onwards

For those of you wondering what an entire city looks like when it has had one too many, head out to Bilbao in mid-August for the legendary Semana Grande, or Aste Nagusia – if you want to go local.

More than 100,000 fiesta crazed Basques will fill the city streets and party all night to the sounds of live music and explosive fireworks, transforming this normally picturesque European city into an acutely wild scene from a health and safety officers worse nightmare.

Spread along the length of the Nervion River, with the Pagassari and Artxanda mountain ranges providing a constant alpine backdrop to wherever you happen to be standing in the city, Bilbao has never been the most famous part of Spain. Many people who take the ferry to Santander tend to drive straight past it and on towards more familiar surroundings.

But those who are aware of its existence have often given thanks to the holiday gods that the vast majority of Brits choose to fly straight over it and head to the scorched coastal regions of the south, leaving the delightful pleasures of this intoxicating city to the ones in the know.

Between 16th – 24th August you will struggle to find a better street party anywhere else in Europe, but be warned, this is only for those of you with enough stamina to keep jumping up and down all night, sustained solely on a diet of Rioja and Pinxtos, when you eventually return to reality you’ll be exhausted. Exhausted but exhilarated.

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  1. I’ve been along to that one and it was absolutely fantastic!!!

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