P&O Ferries: Ancient Egyptian tomb recreation in Brussels

Egyptian Tomb

For a chance to play the explorer and discover the tomb of a long dead King the Brussels Expo has a unique recreation of Tutankhamun’s gravesite meticulously reproduced by experts in the field, Karim Beerahee takes a look

Historic findings in the Egyptian desert of 17 lost pyramids, as well as tombs and settlements numbering in the thousands thanks to infra-red satellite sweeps courtesy of NASA. With excavations coming underway an archaeological storm is soon on the way. If just hearing about these discoveries is not enough for you, there’s a little bit of tomb investigation for you to try for yourself in Brussels.

The Brussels Expo is hosting a recreation of Howard Carter’s 1922 discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. This recreation will allow you to step into Carter’s shoes and explore the 4,000 m² tomb with replica artifacts remade by 120 Egyptian craftsmen under close supervision of leaders in the field. The exhibit has been made identical to the original archaeological team’s findings, prescribed to Carter’s own sketches. The tombs layout as it had sat for thousands of years is in the Brussels Expo for you to rediscover.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to see some of history’s greatest artifacts, since they are being kept away for the sake of preservation and further study. With Tutankhamun’s treasures in particular, transport is near impossible so this is a great option for those of you wishing to see the iconic deathmask painstakingly reproduced amongst all the glory of an ancient King’s wealth.

Belgium is just a short drive from Calais, P&O ferries can take you there from Dover, alternatively you can catch a Hull to Zeebrugge ferry and get to see the reconstructed Pharaoh’s tomb.

Image credit: Steve Parker

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