P&O Ferries: Artificial Beaches in Europe

Seine Beach

If you’re wondering why anyone would settle for an artificial beach in the first place, we have some pre-prepared responses, the main one being no sharks.

If you fancy going abroad within the continent over the warm season, a few cities set up inner-city beaches, these are pretty much what you expect. Lots of sand along the city’s river, they provide the perfect chance to sunbathe as a reprieve from shopping, or to sleep off a heavy lunch. Admittedly they lack the romantic appeal for a midnight stroll, but not all shores have the tidal sound that goes so well with a hand-in-hand wander.

We have three of the finer European artificial beaches to tempt you here, starting with the Copencabana. In Denmark’s capital, the harbour swimming baths of Copenhagen are transformed in to a resort, near to the Fisketorvet shopping center. The Copencabana comes complete with palm trees, North African foods are available and sofas and cushions are deposited on the beach late in to the night, weather-permitting.

If you like a bit of Parisian culture or don’t want to steer too far away from Disneyland, the beach set up along the River Seine offers the perfect go between, to get the best of the sunny weather and not have to travel down to the south of France.
The beach along the Seine is a standard parasol affair set along the pedestrian path along the river. For the last few years in summer the right bank of the Seine has been transformed into a leisure spot for city dwellers and tourists alike to get a bit of beach culture. The Seine beach has evening concerts and even a business section with Wi-Fi.

Our third inner city beach is along the Maas River in Rotterdam. This normally opens at the end of May, a little earlier than the others listed above. The beach set up in Rotterdam between the Erasmus Bridge and the Willems Bridge. Although it’s not possible to sunbathe, on a nice and sunny day relaxing on the sand in a culturally vibrant city really opens up your evenings after a day at the beach.

P&O Ferries can get you to France and The Netherlands on their daily voyages from Portsmouth to Zeebrugge, or Dover to Calais.

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