P&O Ferries: Battle of Waterloo


A bit of 19th century history comes to life with the re-enactment of the defeat of military genius Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo in 1815.

In Uccle, Belgium, this June 18-20th the annual memorial of the climax of the Napoleonic wars is staged with well over a thousand participants in full period costume and fully armed repeating the footsteps of the soldiers who fought in the well remembered battle of Waterloo.

The grand opening of the event brings a peaceful demonstration of soldiering under Napoleon, and, as night falls, a spectacular light and sound show is put on across what is to be a battlefield the following day.

A village of realistic Napoleon-era shelters is set up for guests to wander through to try and capture the day-in-the-life feel of a soldier in the 1800s pre and post battle.

A visit to Uccle will offer you the chance to see the battle of Hougomont and Plancenoit collectively known as the battle of Waterloo on the final day, after the last stand the retreat to Hameu du Lion makes a great procession for you to catch a glimpse of the soldiers in post-war glory.

Finally, the arrival of authentic Napoleonic Ambulance crews with of-the-time equipment to treat the injured. A market is also installed for the purchase of any gear that takes your fancy.

P&O ferries can get you to the re-enactment of one of histories greatest battles, a ferry from Hull will take you Zeebrugge port putting you just a short drive from an epic victory.
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