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The 2011 Bordeaux Wine Festival 2011 is an excellent opportunity for wine connoisseurs or those of you who just like a nice heady glass every now and again to meet (and exchange pointers with) fellow wine aficionados. This June, head to Bordeaux between the 24th-27th for the chance to taste some great vintages and explore the scenery of Frances wine country.

There are a few ticket options available with coach journeys booked so you can hop around between vineyards and sample as much of the nectar of the gods as possible.

You can buy a Sampling Pass or a Vineyard pass. The events of the Wine festival including the barrel race, firework and some of the talks on wine making are open to both. The Vineyard pass also grants access to these but you get some tours included.

For package deals you get an inclusive coach journey as well as up to four star accommodations. You may also attend English speaking tours of Bordeaux with up to 12 tastings.

The 2011 Bordeaux Wine Festival is a great opportunity to learn more about the craft that goes in to wine making, as well as enjoy the beautifully maintained vineyards of France.

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P&Os Dover to Calais service can get you to France in time for the Bordeaux Wine Festival 2011, a short drive through the country and you can be there in time for a fantastic few days of tasting.

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