P&O Ferries holidays in France this Spring with Disneyland deals

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Spring is a fantastic time to visit France, just as nature comes in to bloom it seems like city life starts becoming a bit more vivacious as well. In this blog we’ll be taking a look at some of the events going in the north of France this Spring as well as the special events that you won’t want to miss in Disneyland.

2017 is a special year for Disneyland Paris, the park is now 25 years old. So naturally there will be plenty of new and exciting goings on for you to treat your kids, and yourselves, for a scintillating silver anniversary.

Since these milestones only come around once every so often the good folks at Disney like to put on a bit of a bash. Therefore you will want to book ahead and fortunately a special early bookers discount is available well in to next year for you to take advantage of. For starters, if you make your booking this month, before the 26th, you will be viable for a 30% discount off your hotel, park tickets as well as a free half board meal plan for the whole party.

If that’s just a little too short notice, then try the Early Winter Booking a similar deal which covers late 2017 and early 2018. You need to make your booking prior to October for at least three days in one of the Park’s hotels. Kids under 7 years of age receive free board and you are also gifted two days and nights at the hotel absolutely free, with this deal you could turn a weekend trip in to a week long vacation. This deal is available over all half term holidays as well as the major Christmas break as well, naturally the footfall at Disneyland picks up a bit during these periods so book ahead lest you be disappointed.

If you do find that your window for visiting Disneyland is all booked up then have no fear, the advanced bookings offer (2 nights free added on) is viable for Summer 2018 dates as well.

For the 25th anniversary Disneyland will be pulling out all the stops, with Stars on Parade, a procession of all the major beloved, and perhaps a few of the more notorious, Disney favourites. The evenings will be enchanting with the Illuminations Show a blend of fireworks, lasers, music and pageantry to turn night time in to a real celebration. There is also to be a special showcase from the Disney Princesses. At the Royal Castle stage favourites like Belle, Aurora and Cinderella are hosting a ball for a Starlit Princess Waltz a spectacle that will dazzle more than just the little ones.

For more information on the goings on at Disneyland this year, click here.


France is famous for its cuisine but your average tourist who is open minded and interested in sampling the countries wares my have a hard time finding an authentic dining experience. Nobody wants to come back from France only to answer the question ‘What did you eat?’ with ‘Well we mostly wound up in chain restaurants like we have back here’. You don’t have to spend hundreds per head in a world famous multi-michelin star restaurant, nor be overpriced and underwhelmed in a bijou Parisian tourist trap. An excellent and cost effective way to find good food in France, which isn’t tremendously difficult, is finding one of their food festivals.

Early this April 7-10 is Coulommiers’ International Cheese and Wine Fair, this year celebrating its 50th anniversary. You could consider it a farmers market, much of the produce is being sold by its maker. Livestock is also put on display and a competition to guess the weight a cow named Marguerite is open to all comers adding a certain charm to the event.

This fair runs for four days attracting around 60,000 attendees. If you don’t want to leave France without sampling something truly French what better choice than wine and cheese?

For information on how to get there, click here.

In close proximity to Calais where your P&O Ferry will deliver you is the Abbeville’s Bird and Nature Festival April 8-17 this event draws a good crowd since it began back in 1991. For those of you travelling to France for its rural charms this is surely an event worth attending. If your goal is a camping holiday this will seamlessly augment your trip opening up avenues to explore France’s waterways, horseback treks cross country or woodland hikes to hear birdsong. You can also see the young seals of this season at Picardy’s Bay, though this must be supervised.

An artistic bent to this festival will exhibit sculptures and paintings as well as talks for conservation and natural aestheticism.

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Towards the end of May commemorations for the Normandy D-Day Landings are also held as a tribute to all the soldiers for their actions on June 6th 1944. A broad programme of events is planned including parachute drops, bagpipe marches, fireworks, re-enactments. Talks will be hosted and vintage vehicles for attendees to get an up close look will be available.This is an occasion of great importance and therefore draws a large crowd so book your accommodation and P&O Ferry passage well in advance.

Visit France this Spring with P&O Ferries, multiple channel crossings daily from Dover to Calais.

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