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Just because summer has passed doesn’t mean that all holidays are on hold until Christmas or even next year. Now is the time for those mini breaks, to stop by the cities you’ve always wanted to visit for a long weekend or surprise your partner with romantic treat, just to remind you why you work so hard. In this post we are examine some of the main reasons why you should be travelling with P&O Ferries to France this autumn.

Halloween starts early in Disneyland Paris, in fact it lasts all autumn. October first to fireworks on Bonfire night in November sees the return of Disney’s Halloween Festival. The entire park is given a makeover to draw out the chilling delights of the clandestine and darn right ghoulish side of Disney.

Everyone who’s drawn to the dark side will get a thrill at Disneyland this October, the bad guys will be out in force with daytime parades and a Halloween inspired dress up corner. Come the night of October 31st Disney’s Halloween Party. This event will grant you late access to the park from 5PM, make sure to pre-order your tickets, just £38 each and you will have the run of the park and all it’s special spooky surprises until 1AM. There is of course one proviso – everyone attending the party has to be in fancy dress, and since it’s Disney you know attendees are going to go all out, so be ready for some cosplay. For more information on costuming in Disneyland click here.


Autumn is also harvest season and since flavour and freshness go hand in hand (most of the time), when better to visit a country famed for its gastronomy? It is likely you’ll find a heightened foodie clientele on your P&O Ferry. This is the time of year when being out doors doing things becomes less important due to the drop in temperature, and looking around for something tasty to eat with a glass of wine in your hand becomes of paramount importance. So if a Dionysian holiday is what you are looking for, France could certainly could certainly oblige you.

So we’ll start with something decidedly un-French in concept – Paris’ Oktoberfest commencing early October 5th – 14th in Paris Event Center. This will be the third iteration so all the kinks will have been worked out such as a paltry 15,000 litres of beer being swilled at the original 2015 event, we’re sure this volume will be overthrown now the occasion has garnered some momentum.

Tickets are required for entry so book ahead, though the day opens at 4PM children aren’t permitted past 6:30PM and you will need to purchase beer tokens a is custom at beer festivals (money can cause problems). Book your tickets early for discounted prices and enjoy a taste of Bavaria.

For a taste of France you might like to try a wine tour. Since this is the time of the grape harvest wine merchants will be touting their wares and it’s a good time to get the skinny on how the season has been before pre-purchasing a case of something that might be worth a fortune one day. Of course their is the tried and true alternative of getting yourself to a distillery for a tour and plenty of free samples, both equally respectable pursuits.

The major wine regions in good proximity to the port of Calais where your P&O Ferry will deliver you are Champagne, Burgundy and Loire, these being the most northerly and conveniently bordering Paris. Fans of Chablis may find it worth their while to venture a bit further south. Wine tourism in France is big business so you won’t need our help finding trusted tour bookings, most major vineyards cater for tourism and it does make for a fascinating day out.


Montmartre’s Grape Harvest festival Fete des vendages is an excellent alternative to trekking cross country in order to drink wine. Vintners ship their wines to the capital so it may cost more but it’s the same wine. Montmartre is one of those illustrious corners of a city that teeters on the verge of total collapse under the weight of its own fame. Down and out artists, the Moulin Rouge and some some incredible views of the city attract a fair footfall to this region of the city and is therefore a brilliant site for the wine festival.

Admission is free and you can expect upwards of 40 bars and restaurants to be taking place in the festival. Montmartre’s artistic heritage makes this a lively affair with dances, shows and live performances. There is a traditional ‘Not Getting Married’ ceremony wherein couples can make a pledge to continue to live in sin and the event with a display of fireworks. Make your bookings now for the Grape Harvest Festival 11th-14th October.

Visit France this Spring with P&O Ferries, multiple channel crossings daily from Dover to Calais.

Image Credit: Ryan Blyth , Chad Sparkes , Glen Scarborough

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