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Your casual holiday goer expects to travel when the sun is at its zenith in the height of summer. The trouble is, this is not a unique thought. That’s why you find prices slightly inflated over the summer months, crowds that little bit busier and let’s face it, hell is other people. That is precisely why late summer and early autumn are ideal times to visit those places you’ve always wanted to see. Children have gone back to school and since tourism season is waning most venues are actually glad to see you rather than fretting that all the wheels are turning sufficiently.

In this post we’re taking a look some of the major venues in Holland you’ll be pleased to find ‘surprisingly’ accessible now that the main summer hubbub has diminished. Of course when you venture to a major city’s major attraction there will always be some footfall but you’ll certainly find them less populated given the season.

If you are drawn to Holland for its historical and cultural reservoirs then you will undoubtedly find succour in the major cities, namely Amsterdam. Though you should be wary that some of the less renowned museums are little more than shops that you pay to enter. To avoid this stick to the established and well listed museums they assuredly will not disappoint.

Perhaps the ichiban (no.1) museum you’ll find listed in Holland is the famous Rijksmuseum perhaps the largest museum in Holland, as an institution it began over 200 years ago in The Hague before moving to the modern capital in the late 1800s. It boasts a million pieces in it’s inventory dating back to the year 1200. It is home to masterpieces by Vermeer, Rembrandt and Hals.

Rijksmuseum is in close proximity to the other major art gallery in Amsterdam, which is perhaps most tourists’ first port of call the Van Gogh Museum. Both museums can be found on Museumplein ‘Museum Square’ in the southern borough of the city. The Van Gogh Museums attracts nearly 2 million annual visitors and is home to all the iconic pieces that Van Gogh’s name summons to the minds eye.

The third museum we would suggest is the Wereldmuseum or World Museum. As a country with a proud naval tradition many treasures from across the globe were collected by interested parties. These parties formed the Royal Each Club in Rotterdam and welcomed merchants, explorers scientists and the like each of whom would pick up curiosities while they worked abroad. Eventually these items formed a broad enough collection to warrant one of the great ethnographic museums in Europe.


The final museum you may probably have heard of is Anne Frank’s House. Amongst the splendour of Amsterdam’s famous canals and idyllic walkways is a place of real history with a story continues to captivate. For more information on this museum click here Though it may bring a solemn pall to your vacation you’ll find it resonates as a human experience which is immensely rewarding.

With the summer months waning you may still be fortunate enough to see the sights of Amsterdam by water and in the sun. Amsterdam may not have the romantic celebrity of Venice but its architecture is still beautiful to behold and it is transformed with autumnal colours to make a view which easily matches Poets Walk in New York’s Central Park.

You can also take in the seasonal changes in Vondelpark. This park situated right in the heart of Amsterdam, constructed during the era of formalism which gives it an exacting and elegant landscape for you to enjoy. Water also runs through it so you may like to take to a boat for a relaxing afternoon.

If you favour a bit more open space than a city park then Hoge Veluwe Holland’s national park is a broad expanse due east of Utrecht. Its 21 square miles of country is perfect for a late summer picnic or hike in the country. The real draw of Home Veluwe is its sheer diversity of habitat. Ranging from dunes to dense forest if you have a mind to the spectrum of wildlife preparing for winter will make a trip to this nature park truly rewarding. You can also hire bikes to get around a bit quicker.


Hoge Veluwe is home to two museums the Kroller Mueller museum houses artworks by Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Renoir and many others. The gallery itself was constructed as a means of meshing art and nature, indeed there is a sculpture garden outside to reinforce the concatenation. The other major museum of the park is the Museonder an underground museum, that’s not to say few people know about it, the exhibition itself is a journey of the world beneath our feet. You can learn all about the subterranean world as well as findings of animal bones and the lives of underground creatures as well as the systems of trees.

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Image Credit: Roman Boed , bertknot , Shepard4711

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