Surfing the net with P&O Ferries

Blue VHS Tape! by jm3

John Hillman goes online in search of P&O Ferries, and winds up catching an eyeful of the Pride of Hull

The internet is a remarkable place when it comes to discovering the weird and wonderful world of human interest.

A search on YouTube has uncovered a staggering 40 videos that have been uploaded by the great British public paying homage to 150 years of P&O Ferries and Cruises.

Add to that the fact that tens of thousands of you have actually downloaded them and I think it’s safe to say that good old P&O Ferries now boasts cult status amongst an elite troop of discerning travellers. Move over Seasick Steve.

The kudos for most dedicated YouTube ferry watcher has to go to CrazyCars and IRI5H J4CK for their production of a photographic slideshow of P&O’s fleet, to the soundtrack of Goldfinger, which quite frankly borders on ferry-porn.

Nothing quite like getting back from a hard day at the office, pouring yourself a long cold draught of ale, then settling down at your PC and copping an eyeful of that mesmerising little 25,000 ton stunner The Pride of Hull, eh lads?

A lot gets written by trendy media types decrying the fact that, thanks to the internet, the public no longer have to watch and read everything they say because they can now produce their own special interest content on-line.

But some of us that think that it’s the kaleidoscopic differences that make life interesting and frankly if it wasn’t for people like CrazyCars and IRI5H J4CK the world would be a much duller place.

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