Redhead day in Breda

redhead day

On the 5th September, over 4,000 redheads will congregate in the Dutch city of Breda to celebrate Redhead Day – didn’t know it existed? Neither did we! Rosie Khdir finds out more…

Mothers and Fathers Day are the celebrations that honour parents, and Redhead Day in the Dutch calendar is about honouring the world’s redheads!

The fifth edition of this event stretches over two days, starting with “pre-redhead day” activities taking place on the 4th September and ending with the official celebration on 5th September.

So one this day, what can one expect to see? Well the city centre of Breda opens its large square at 12pm where between 3,000 and 5,000 redheads from over 40 countries will participate in a variety of artistic group photo shoots.

Other activities include a cocktail making class, the readhead dinner in Humphreys – costs apply, a movie in the park (Perfume will be played in Valkenbergpark) which is free of chargeas well as an art exhibition!

Entrance to this event is free via email invite when you sign up on the official website.

It is easy to get to Breda, so if you are a redhead and want to enjoy a day of celebration for your vibrant hair colour, or you aren’t and want to enjoy the sights the festival has to offer, P&O Ferries can help you get there.

You can get the Hull to Rotterdam overnight ferry service starting from £149 each way and from here it is just a short train or car ride to Breda.

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