Spring 2017 Holidays in Belgium with P&O Ferries

Book your holiday with P&O Ferries this spring for some days of sun on the continent. This time we are looking at what’s happening Belgium 2017 and have made a couple of selections for what might just make your holiday memorable and fun.


After the fun from last years 21st anniversary of Belgium Pride expect no less joy and vibrancy for 2017. Belgian Pride is a life affirming and joyous event by which the LGBT+ community and its supporters come together to celebrate diversity and affirm their rights. Attendance numbers for this event have swollen since its incarnation in 1996 and it now garners over 100,000 attendees. This LGBT festival will have its main parade on Saturday afternoon, May 20th. The floats this year will be reduced in size so that the procession can party down the streets of Brussels. Belgian Pride Festival is brought you by multiple independent organisers not just one single organisation claiming to speak for a collective.

The theme for 2017 is ‘Asylum and Migration’ with the slogan ‘Crossing Borders’ in keeping the with the community spirit of inclusivity, protection and reception. The goal behind this is not only to assist LGBT migrants but also to find ways to come to the aid of others in their country of origin. Belgium has historically been known as the ‘Crossroads of Europe’ and so what better place to gather for a celebration this May?

It all kicks off at Notre-Dame de Bon Secours 11AM May 20th, where talks about this years theme and the opening of the Village and opening ceremony begins at 2PM. You’ll be able to get refreshments at the bars and food trucks as well as merchandise from stallholders. At 2:30PM the parade will begin in Ravenstein Street and proceed through the city, for a look at the route click here. This should all be wrapped up for a party back in the village from 5PM to midnight -ish.


Here for its 17th iteration this June is Antwerp’s Beer Passion Weekend or BeerPassie. This is one of the more pedigreed beer festivals that Belgium has to offer. Given Belgium’s long tradition of brewing, the current up trend of micro brewing and the fact everybody is appeased by beer in abundance; there are around 180 breweries in Belgium. Beer Passion is the weekend when the major players in the industry vie for dominance. So if you like beer take advantage of their courtship this June. After the long winter this is the time when brewers unveil their latest batches so you will have the opportunity try some of the new brews for 2017.

Beer Passion is being held in Antwerp on the last weekend of June, so proceedings kick off Friday 26 at 5PM in Groenplaats right in the heart of the city next to the cathedral. The set up for this event is a boxed in beer village, where you will have to pay 5€ entry for your beer glass and tokens, which you can top up for more bevvies at your leisure. A dixie band will be there to liven up proceedings and the traditional brass band will be sharing the aural burden over the weekend.

The second day opens a little later, at 1PM for those who have indulged a little too much the night before and remains open until midnight. There will be talks and a taste along with Ben Vinken in his beer sommelier tent as well as an award ceremony and tasting of eccentric beers.

The following Sunday wraps things up with what will hopefully be a gloriously relaxing day of the finest beers Belgium has to offer in the late spring sun.

For more information on Beer Passion visit them here


We often recommend city holidays later in the year, when the weather is less clement. This is so that you can take advantage of galleries, museums or gastronomy unique to the area. It is however a misstep to assume that summer means beaches and wide open countryside. You will find that Belgium’s cities Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, Namur, Leuven and Brussels are all brought to life by the warmer seasons. Pick up a guide book and you could have a cost effective self guided tour of any of these cities marvelling at some of the finest architecture of Europe’s history. If casual hustle and bustle of life starts to weigh on you P&O Ferries are the perfect chariot for a mini-brea. Even the time spent crossing the channel could be considered therapeutic as you travel by sea to whatever adventure awaits you on your holiday.

Visit Belgium this Spring with P&O Ferries, the Hull to Zeebrugge service can get you there overnight!

Image Credit: Miguel Discart , Burnt Rostad , Zoetnet

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