Summer 2017 in France with P&O Ferries


During the summer months you simply have to get out there for that vital vitamin D it will put you in good stead for what is sure to be another, seemingly endless winter. With P&O Ferries the delights of northern France, and beyond, will be opened up to you and with the ferry crossing you get the comfort and familiarity of bringing your own car along with you should you prefer not to opt for a rental.

Passage to France with P&O Ferries is 90 minute journey from Dover to Calais and you bring up to 9 nine passengers per car with most tickets, this includes any time day tickets so you won’t have to worry about arriving at the port for a specific time. You can currently book long stay tickets for as little as £39 each way.

Traditionally the south of France’s Riviera area has been where summer tourism reaches its peak, after all who doesn’t enjoy a mediterranean beach in the sun? This does tend to come with a premium however, be it the cost of travel, accommodation or gastronomy. You may not wish to go so far south having arrived at such a northerly point as Calais so there is an alternative in a little place that tends to attract a fair footfall of tourists even in the off season, namely Paris. On the banks of the river Seine a free to access beach is established complete with cocktail bars, sun loungers and sand castles. It called the Paris plage meaning ‘beach’ and is set up for the sunniest time of the year mid July to mid August. If you are drawn to France for the delights of its capital then, as you might expect a bustling major city can get a bit stifling during the height of summer so reclining at Paris Place can be just the ticket to cool you off.

It is also worth noting that some of the museums and galleries of France adjust their schedules for the summer months. Since the schools there are also closed throughout the entire month and a lot of the citizens of France use this period for their own summer holidays, cultural sites are keeping their doors open for longer to encourage more people to visit. So if you are visiting a major city in France this year you’ll be able to access notable galleries such as the Picasso Paris until late in the evening.

It makes for an excellent post evening meal opportunity to do a bit of leg work whilst feasting your eyes, and under 25 are even getting free access.

Speaking of 25 year olds, this year Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Which we have mentioned in previous posts, for more information click here The major deal is a whopping 20% off of hotel and ticket package deals. This involves a certain amount of terms and conditions but if you are booking a family trip to Disneyland this summer then it offers a good means for taking the edge off costs. Just be sure to have your booking in by July 19th. Fret not if this is all a little too short notice there are early booking deals for you to take advantage off well in to next year.


Besides Disneyland Paris another major draw for tourists to France is its gastronomy. These summer months are by far the best time of the year to take a gourmand’s grand tour of France. The best time to enjoy the produce of France is at summer from small towns food fairs to major city food festivals you will without a doubt be able to find the best range of cheeses, meats, fresh baked goods and even sea food cuisine with a summer holiday to France. Of course France is also famous for its wines and around this time of year after Beaujolais Nouveau when the latest vintages are uncorked you are sue to find sommeliers, festivals such as the Champagne Route Festival and the White Wine and Oysters Festival exceedingly tantalising and a lot of fun once everybody has had a few.


Tourists planning on July holidays should be forewarned that the Tour de France begins July 1st lasting until the 23rd this can make accommodations and travel troublesome not to mention that slight feeling of shame one always feels when surrounded by super fit cycling types. This year it begins in Dusseldorf heading south through a mountainous route before it bends back up to Paris. This event does peak a certain level of excitement through France though the local populace is quite used to it, if it does coincide with your trip to France making the effort to see it go past is still rewarding.

Book now for your summer holiday to France with P&O Ferries. The Dover to Calais service runs multiple times daily and can get you there in just 90 minutes

Image Credit: Tommie Hansen , Domaine Rickaert , Martin Thomas

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