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At last summer is here, don’t waste a moment of it, before you know it fun in the sun will be on the other side of winter. P&O Ferries is taking a look at all the exciting and unique adventures you can take part in over summer 2017 and beyond with in Holland. With P&O Ferries’ Hull to Rotterdam service the Netherlands will open up to you for a mini-break getaway or long stay family holiday, take a look to see what’s in the Dutch oven this summer.

We will start out with one of things Holland is famous for, no not tulips, clogs or windmills, we’re talking about herring. Early summer is absolutely the best time of year for you to get your herring fix since the season for herring fishing commences on June 17. If you wish to be there for the inaugural day when the first batches are being sold then there’s no need to wander about the port cities asking for herring like some fish junkie. The opening of herring season coincides with Flag Day or Vlaggetjesdag to use the vernacular. Though the celebration is mostly for a good street party there is plenty of local heritage and cultural tradition to be enjoyed, national dress and songs and dance.

To get right in to the spirit of the occasion head to Schveningen in The Hague. Schveningen is one of the big seaside resorts in Holland, think Yarmouth or Blackpool only Dutch. Even if you were planning a city break to one of the main centres of Holland you should still be well within proximity for a day trip to the beach it is a fantastic way to break up a cultural visit if you were mainly planning on visiting galleries and museums.

A little later in the year Schveningen also hosts Holland’s Fireworks festival in the second week of August. It will surely add that little bit of magic t you evening and make summer 2017 one to remember. If you have ever wondered where New Year’s Eve firework’s displays are refined, dreamt up and experimented with a fair portion of it can be attributed to the International Fireworks Festival. Various participating countries get to display fireworks, at least 80% of which need to be produced domestically, and get to thrill the crowd for 11-13 minutes. The festival is held over 4 days on the Schveningen beach and is open to the crowd August 11-19.

But enough of this, let us get back to the important issue of herring. Each year the new season or Hollandse Nieuwe meaning New Dutch Herring become plump enough to eat after spring plankton bloom. You may have though raw fish was the domain of sushi samplers, igloo dwellers, Gollum and castaways but the Dutch also deserve to have their names on that illustrious list. The traditional way to eat herring in the Dutch way is uncooked in a bun with chopped onions and pickles, fabulously tasty and healthy too. With the first fresh hauls being sold buy mongers and stall merchants you should be able to find Herring just about anywhere this time of year. If you’re coming across this post a little late and refuse to let it happen again the date for next years Hollandse Nieuwe is announced in November, and we salute you.


There was some exciting news for football fans about Euro 2020. We do have a World Cup in between but since the next Euros will be the 60th anniversary the tournament will be hosted across major capitals of the continent including Amsterdam. So if you can’t get a hold of tickets for the matches to be held in the UK then keep an eye out if you want to attend the 3 qualifying games or the final 16 match. All of which to be held in Amsterdam’s soon to be refurbished stadium. Euro 2020 matches will also be played in Brussels, you can get there with P&O Ferries Hull to Rotterdam service If any teams from the UK are going to be playing in these games there’s sure to be a lively party boat atmosphere on the over night crossing.

One of the finer ways to enjoy summer, is in the garden. Of course though a lot of us have very fine gardens there tends to be that niggling doubt that other people have done it better. Had better ideas, or are just fortunate enough to have the right setting and enough time or money to implement maximum garden grandness. Therefore this June in Amsterdam gardens that are normally closed off from the masses by canal houses are opening up to the public.

On the third week of June that’s 16th -18th for €15 you will be granted access to some of the finest gardens in the Netherlands. You will be able to refresh yourself in tea rooms or languish in gazebos. Take inspiration from some of the master gardeners design schemes and plant portfolios.


Book now for your summer holiday to Holland with P&O Ferries, Hull to Rotterdam will see you in the Netherlands for all the excitement of the sunny season!

Image Credit: Rool Paap , JD Hancock , langs de osylaan

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