The ‘Mini’ Cruise

P&O ‘Mini Cruises’

A mini-cruise is a way to experience all the fun of life on a floating palace, with your own cabin, luxury restaurants, nightclubs and casinos, but without the full-scale commitment that normally comes with it.

You can cruise from Portsmouth to Bilbao, or Hull to Amsterdam, for just 3 nights, giving you the chance to find out if cruising really is for you without spending a month’s salary and half your annual leave entitlement sailing off to the Caribbean.

Once on board you can’t help getting carried away with the excitement, there is just something about stepping out of your cabin and heading up-deck to the bar that harks back to a more glamorous era. On the first night I found myself in the casino drinking champagne and martinis until dawn.

You can also book themed mini-cruises, which are great for parties and events. Live Jazz, Stand-Up, Eurovision, whatever tastes (or lack of) that you have, you can easily find one that suits you.

They all sail on Friday evenings, so they are perfect for a quick weekend break, and contrary to popular belief you won’t be expected to dress for dinner, so no need to dust off that tuxedo unless you really want to.

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