Utrecht Huis a/d Werf Cultural Festival

Utrecht Culture Festival

Festival a/d Werf an annual event in Holland, it is a festival that brings minds together to talk about and view contemporary art at its most vibrant. The festival a/d Werf covers the city of Utrecht in culture through the mediums of art, theatre, dance and music for ten whole days.

Huis a/d Werf is the production house of this festival, for May 2011 the theme is Take it personal!! A trip to the Utrecht Festival will give you the chance to examine current socio-political issues affecting the world today. This theme incorporates all current affairs, war, migration and aspects of civil strife. The current programme is now available here

This will be the 26th edition of Festival a/d Werf running from the 19th of May to the 28th. This will be the first one to be run by the new artistic director Rainer Hoffman. His work will be presented which offers a lesson in awareness of social and political issues expressed in contemporary form.

For a mind expanding trip to the Utrecht Festival a/d Werf P&O ferries can get you to Holland with its Hull to Rotterdam ferry making Utrecht a short drive away.

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