We’ve found NEMO…in Amsterdam!


If you are sick of visiting museums where you have to be silent and constantly obey “do not touch” signs then you should try visiting NEMO. Rosie Khdir takes a look at the largest science centre in the Netherlands.

Just moments from the Amsterdam Centraal Station sits a bold, green building that looks like a ship that’s docked. Do not be fooled, for this is the famous NEMO science centre, design by Italian architect Renzo Piano.

The five floors of this museum are dedicated to science and technology, a place where people can use all their senses to discover how the world works. A trip to this museum is great for children and for the adults out there who are kids at heart.

It is a fun and educational experience to learn how bridge become so strong in the Amazing Constructions exhibit, find out how the brain works with the Journey through the mind display; you can even discover the language behind computers at the Bits & Co exhibit.

People who are more hands-on can blow soap bubbles big enough to fit a whole person inside, experiment in the Wonder Lab and find out how to make glue from potatoes. In the summer you can splash about on NEMO’s roof in the Splashing Water Wonder.

The latest exhibition to be introduced to NEMO is “The search for new life”. This interactive exhibit questions the difference between lifeless objects and living things and whether there is life beyond Earth.

The museum has workshops, games and theatre shows are held during almost every school holiday. There are cafes inside the museum but if you prefer to bring your own food, you can snack in the assigned places.

NEMO is not only a fun and educational day out for the whole family it’s also a great sight to behold for fans of great modern architecture.

Image credit: o palsson

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