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P&O Ferries offer ferry services to France, Belgium and Holland. When you arrive at your destination, you are able to head out to some of the most beautiful and exciting places in Europe. Getting around is easy, as you are able to take your car with you. Take a look at some of the destinations you have access to with P&O Ferries


Getting There

The area of Normandy is west along the coast from Calais, which is accessible by P&O Ferry from Portsmouth. I drove to Dieppe in North Normandy in a little over 2 hours after the 90 minutes ferry crossing.


The region of Normandy is over 30km2 and includes cities such as Rouen, Caen and Le Havre so I found many different types of places to stay during my time there. Plush hotels, budget B&Bs, campsites and converted farmhouses are all popular styles of accommodation in Normandy, so you should be able to shop around to find the right place for you.

Food and drink

Normandy is well known for its cheeses, including Camembert, Livarot and Pont l'Evêque. Seafood is also of a high quality, with Normandy being the major oyster and mussel producing regions in France. Wine is not produced as much as in other French regions, but instead the area is renowned for its cider. Apple brandy is another well loved local drink, the most popular of which is calvados. Aboard the ferry journey with P&O I had the option of a large variety of dishes in the restaurant, café and food court so I was well looked after even before I arrived in France!

Sights and Activities in Normandy

While in Normandy I visited many places steeped in historic culture. One of the most breathtaking attractions is the tidal island church of Mont Saint-Michel, which should be toured in the daytime and viewed at night for great photo opportunities. The chalk cliffs of Alabaster Coast, which extends from Le Tréport to Le Havre, provide a lovely stretch of ocean views, especially during the summer. For stunning architecture, the Gothic cathedral in Rouen is a highlight. Art lovers will love Musée Claude Monet, that displays a large collection of his work, and his house that is open for visitors. Things to do aboard the P&O Ferry crossing include the Club Lounge.

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