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P&O Ferries offer ferry services to France, Belgium and Holland. When you arrive at your destination, you are able to head out to some of the most beautiful and exciting places in Europe. Getting around is easy, as you are able to take your car with you. Take a look at some of the destinations you have access to with P&O Ferries


Getting There

It was a painless and quick journey from the UK to Disneyland Paris. I took my car on a P&O Ferry crossing from Dover to Calais and it was only a 3 hour motorway drive till I got to the magic of the park. Just take the A26, then the A1 towards Paris. It is then the A4 motorway for a short time and then exit 14 for Disneyland Paris Park and resort hotels.


There are seven Disney hotels at Disneyland Paris, each with its own unique style and theme. There is the central Disneyland Hotel, the big apple themed Hotel New York, the waterside Newport Bay Club (featuring its own lighthouse!), the peaceful Sequoia Lodge, Hotel Cheyenne with its Wild Wild West motif and Hotel Santa Fe for starry nights among the Spanish conquistadors and native Americans. If you want a more removed experience then there is also the Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch with its great outdoors log cabins.

Food and drink

During my crossing with P&O Ferries I had access to restaurants, cafes and more with its affordable and delicious menus. Once I arrived in Disneyland Paris the choices kept coming as I could go to one of the 50 restaurants and bars in the Disneyland Park and 18 within the hotels. Will you choose the Toad Hall Restaurant, Agrabah Café or maybe the Silver Spur Steakhouse? You will be spoilt for choice.

Sights and Activities in Disney Land Paris

Where to begin? Not only do you get the lovely view of the French countryside from leaving the P&O Ferry to arriving in Paris, you then get the magic and excitement of the Disneyland Resort. Spread across the two theme parks (Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio Park), attractions include the world famous Space Mountain rollercoaster, the Pirates of the Caribbean voyage, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, India Jones And The Temple Of Peril and the Cars Race Rally. All your favourite Disney characters will be found in the resort, taking part in parades and interacting with families. There is something for everyone, the only thing you can’t do there is get bored!

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