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For decades P&O Ferries have had an enviable reputation for offering great price voyages to a range of European destinations. A trip on a P&O Ferry is often the start of a family holiday abroad, but it could easily just as well be the perfect method for business travel, or simply for a mini cruise. By selecting P&O Ferries, Holland, France, Belgium and Spain are immediately accessible and the rest of Europe opens up behind them.

Dover-Calais Portsmouth-Bilbao Hull-Rotterdam/Zeebrugge
Calais-Dover Portsmouth-Bilbao Hull-Rotterdam/Zeebrugge

Book any duration from Dover to Calais, web fare from only £30 each way, with car and 9 people.
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Any duration from Portsmouth to Bilbao, web fare from £249 each way, with car and 2 including cabin.
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Up to 5 days in the UK, web fare from only £109 each way, with car and 2 including ensuite cabin.
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The New Year with P&O Ferries

Fancy staying closer to home this year? Well, says John Hillman, why not have a ride over the Reims?

No sooner has the tinsel been boxed up and the tree dispatched to the local recycling plant that thoughts begin to wander across the channel..

The Champagne-Ardenne region of north-west France lies open to discovery; just a few hours’ drive from the port of Calais this land of medieval walled towns, lakes and forests is close enough to make a long weekend road trip just about feasible.


P&O Ferries Announce New Ship Order

P&O have signalled their intentions to move with the times by commissioning two new ferries. The 49,000 ships are intended to replace two of the current ships, the Pride of Dover and the Pride of Calais and they will be operational on the popular Dover-Calais route within the next two years.

The specifications for the different ferries are impressive. Aside from their hulking weight, they will measure 210 metres long and will have the capacity to carry 160 lorries and 250 cars on each cross-channel voyage.


Riding the Waves with P&O Ferries

Welcome onboard! What exactly is it like to spend time on a P&O Ferry crossing? Our seafaring correspondent John Hillman let’s you know just what you can get up to whilst you’re riding the waves.

For those of you who have not sailed on board a P&O ferry you may be surprised to learn just how much fun there is to be had on board these days.

Whether you like sipping cocktails at the roulette wheel or quaffing cappuccinos while pretending to be Luis Hamilton in the games room, there really is something for just about everyone aboard P&O’s fleet of ships.


Wildlife Watch with P&O Ferries

Teeming with aquatic life, the Bay of Biscay is a magnet for naturalists - and there is no better place to catch a glimpse of a dolphin than aboard the P&O Pride of Bilbao. John Hillman explains what you can expect to see.

The English Channel is familiar to anyone who’s spent a childhood weekend on the South Coast, or a debauched three years at one of our coastal universities. It is instinctively recognizable, as English as fish and chips. But once P&O’s the Pride of Bilbao steams out beyond Land’s End and into the Bay of Biscay, heading to Bilbao, you soon become aware that you are entering a whole new world.