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For decades P&O Ferries have had an enviable reputation for offering great price voyages to a range of European destinations. A trip on a P&O Ferry is often the start of a family holiday abroad, but it could easily just as well be the perfect method for business travel, or simply for a mini cruise. By selecting P&O Ferries, Holland, France, Belgium and Spain are immediately accessible and the rest of Europe opens up behind them.

Dover-Calais Portsmouth-Bilbao Hull-Rotterdam/Zeebrugge
Calais-Dover Portsmouth-Bilbao Hull-Rotterdam/Zeebrugge

Book any duration from Dover to Calais, web fare from only 30 each way, with car and 9 people.
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Any duration from Portsmouth to Bilbao, web fare from 249 each way, with car and 2 including cabin.
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Up to 5 days in the UK, web fare from only 109 each way, with car and 2 including ensuite cabin.
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