P&O Ferries Announce New Ship Order

P&O have signalled their intentions to move with the times by commissioning two new ferries. The 49,000 ships are intended to replace two of the current ships, the Pride of Dover and the Pride of Calais and they will be operational on the popular Dover-Calais route within the next two years.

The specifications for the different ferries are impressive. Aside from their hulking weight, they will measure 210 metres long and will have the capacity to carry 160 lorries and 250 cars on each cross-channel voyage.

In addition, there will also be room for 1,500 passengers, an increase of around 1,200 on the first ferry crossing in 1965. When completed they will be the some of the largest ships to have ever fitted into channel ports.

The new boats will further augment the P&O fleet, which last year grew with the acquisition of the Spanish ferry, El Greco. The Pride of Dover and the Pride of Calais were originally delivered in 1987 from Townsend Thoresen and are considered by P&O to be two of its flagship boats. However, the new commissions will have a greater capacity and will be more environmentally friendly.