Boarding my P&O Ferry

Around five minutes after leaving Dover Priory station the bus journey came to an end and I was in the port looking out to sea. With holiday makers both on foot and in cars making their way to the P&O ferry I could see in the distance, there was a genuine sense of excitement as I was about to leave the shores of the UK. The excitement quickly went though as I checked the time and realised that there was 45 minutes till the ferry departed, which meant that I had zero minutes to check-inÖ

Travel Centre
The P&O Travel Centre where I collected my boarding pass from the cheerful staff

I didnít need to worry though as when I arrived in the P&O Ferries Travel Centre to collect my boarding pass I was told that the shuttle that would take me to the ferry had not left yet. But while I was lucky and the delayed train from London hadnít ruined my trip, I would recommend for other travellers to not cut it so fine and arrive with plenty of time.

White cliffs of Dover
The white cliffs of Dover nestling next to the port

The famous white cliffs of Dover lined the route to the passport control office where we briefly stopped off to have our documents checked and then it was time to board my ferry to Calais, The Pride of Kent.