Eating at the P&O International Food Court

With my stomach empty as I the train delays meant that I couldnít stop off for breakfast, I headed to the International Food Court on the middle passenger deck. It was pretty amazing to see this level of catering aboard a ferry, with a large seating area and lots of different styles of hot and cold meals available.

Food Court
The P&O Food Court on the Pride Of Kent ferry

I chose the cooked breakfast and some orange juice and took a table in the large seating area. All around me were people enjoying their meals, I think all as pleasantly surprised as I was about the quality of the food and service. After my incredibly satisfying meal I decided to treat myself and grab some dessert as well, and Iím glad I did!

The dessert selection proved too enticing to ignore

If you are travelling on your own then the Food Court might be a good place to find company during your crossing as it was bustling with people also looking for a late breakfast. While I personally didnít end up chatting to anyone, Iím certain that I would have done if I didnít shoot off to my next point of call: the Games Room.