Exploring the Pride of Calais

Once aboard I had a wander around the ship to explore the Pride of Calais, and there were some differences. It had the same facilities as the Pride of Kent, but they had different sizes and layouts. This fact I discovered when entering the Games Room. It was a bit larger and had a different selection of games than the ship I was on earlier. So I took advantage of this and had a few goes on the arcade machines :)

Map of the world
Aboard the Pride of Calais

After a bit more of a walk around I realised how hungry I had got, itís amazing how the excitement of travelling can make you forget you havenít eaten for a while. I went to the International Food Court to grab a bit to eat and had a very tasty lasagne.

Dinner time!

After letting my food go down I thought it would be a good idea to change my Euros back into pounds so had a quick trip to the Bureau De Change. Once that was sorted I had a look at the ship map to decide what my next point of call should be and decided that a bit of spending was in order, so I went to the shop.