Last minute shopping and a well deserved nap

I decided to make the most of my time with the Duty Paid shopping and bought some stuff, including some presents for my housemates (everyone loves a Toblerone) and thought Id grab a handbag for my mum as Mothers Day was approaching quickly. The shop was slightly bigger than the one aboard the Pride of Kent and was packed with shoppers.

Bag Section
Shopping aboard the Pride of Calais

I paid for my goods and realised how tired I was. With an hour left of my journey I decided that I deserved a nap and headed towards the Club Lounge. The design and layout was once again different to that of the Club Lounge in the Pride of Kent, yet the elegant and relaxing surroundings were perfect to recharge my batteries. I sat in a comfortable chair and looked out to sea, and before I knew it I was asleep.

Club Lounge
Elegant and relaxing the Club Lounge

When I awoke a short period later I looked out the windows and could just about make out land, so I went up onto the open deck and looked out as the white cliffs of Dover came into view.